Real-Time Delivery

Real-time premium delivery service for stores and enterprises On request, drivers visit your stores to pick up items and quickly deliver them to the customer’s doorstep

  1. Well-established nationwide infrastructure VROONG’s Vroong two-wheeled vehicle network covers every corner of the country for safe and swift delivery
  2. Most number of franchise partners We provide 220 client companies with excellent delivery
  3. Optimized fleet allocation and excellent delivery Powered by information technology, the Vroong delivery system minimizes risk for delays and customer complaints
  • Delivery on two wheels powered by nationwide infrastructure Vroong Stations established across the country ensure fast and accurate real-time delivery.
  • Quick and easy delivery request with VROONG One-Click Instant delivery requests, order management, and settlement at your fingertips
  • An AI-based driver app for delivery optimization The Vroong app for drivers ensures delivery route optimization and transparency in delivery fee settlement with M-Cash

Vroong Green Care

The only one in the industry! Disinfection service for Store, Vroong Green Care take responsibility for client and rider's safety through steam sterilization
periodically sterilization for Vroong station, bike and delivery equipment


  • spc
    Food and beverage franchises Delivers fast food, desserts, café food, and more
  • oliveyoung
    Drugstores Three-hour delivery for Olive Young