Organization culture

    We offer perfect moments to customers. We make customers’ perfect moments sustainable

    Perfection is every person’s and every customer’s dream.
    We at VROONG are a group of excellent talents striving for perfect moments.

    Perfection is a momentary pleasure for anyone.
    We aim to develop a transcendent platform to make customers’ perfect moments sustainable.

    Life at VROONG

    • VROONG helps employees keep the balance between work and life.
    • Work and life are complementary. No one should be forced to choose either.
    • VROONG has a range of measures in place to bring healthy energy to both work and life
    Work We offer the best environment to focus on work.
    Flexible work hours depending on job group.
    Top-of-the-line hardware and essential software for work.
    Lunch expenses reimbursed.
    Cozy work environment for immersion in work.
    Office in a close distance from the station (5-minute walk from Seoneung Station).
    Awards and prizes for outperformers.
    Seminar and conference allowances for work-related capacity building.
    Life VROONG enriches employees’ lives.
    Birthday gifts and leaves.
    Comprehensive health checkups for employees and their family members (one person, 50% covered).
    Childcare allowances for employees with children under 36 months.
    Wreaths, gratuities, and condolence money, and leaves for weddings, childbirth, funerals, and other family events.
    Harmony We support work-life balance.
    Support for various in-house club activities.
    Refresh leaves for long-serving employees.
    Monthly credit point allowances for health management and capacity building.